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Passive Smart Contract

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Smart Contract out just a few months now.
Only about 60,000 people in it now. It's a true ROI but developed to last and avoid
all the pitfalls that cost the lives of many earlier Contracts.

Master Distributors are experienced networkers but also in the smart contract blockchain arena.
Erik Nurm
Martin Karus
They both flew into Istanbul to meet developers/technical.

Here is a Youtube gives details

Another good video

1/ My Link to join

2/ Audit reports! front page of ( backup site is )

3/ TronCase Official Telegram channel -

4/ TronCase ChatBot - @troncasechatbot - anyone can get valuable info here 24 hours a day. PDF document, how the platform works, marketing material, Audit reports, etc...

5/ TronCase Official Youtube channel ( subscribe )

6/ Sals' YouTube with great videos - Paid In Tron -

( Subscribe )

7/ PDF on opportunity ( very condensed to 9 pages, really like 7 ).

8/ Zoom meetings - ( Sal hosts ) Other zoom meeting info can be seen at the TronCase Official Telegram channel, number 3 above.

Join Zoom Meeting


9/ ( my FaceBook group )

10/ They will very soon be generating Leads for its members through this site, although I have not gotten

full details on that yet. Many other great things on the way in February for us.

11/ Smart Contract code on from page -

Great deal of Support from Master Distributors and a lot of opportunity for leaders to come in at this time and build a significant Team. Referral goes down 11 levels starting at 7% first level.

James Towery 


Phone: 254 595 1348