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Passive Smart Contract

Hi There. 


Smart Contract out just a few months now.
Only about 154,000 members in it now.

It's a true ROI but developed to last and avoid all the pitfalls

that cost the lives of many earlier Contracts.

Master Distributors are experienced networkers but also in the smart contract blockchain arena.
Erik Nurm
Martin Karus
They both flew into Istanbul to meet developers/technical.

Here is a Youtube gives details

Another good video


This is the first program of its kind that uses a totally automated payment processing system.

Make just one contribution and you will automatically earn every 4 seconds!

Our smart contract guarantees that all earnings are distributed correctly.

This makes it super simple to join and guarantees that the system will keep running smoothly.

It is a revolutionary new way to build up your Tron reserves.

You can get started for as little as 100 Tron!

Yep, just sign up and make a one-time contribution.

There are no more upgrades or levels to pay, your one-time contribution is all that is needed.

You will simply earn 300% of your contribution.   You can also compound your earnings

for an even bigger rewards.

Once you make your contribution, all levels open immediately, so you don't need

to spend your earnings to upgrade.

Earnings are unlimited as you will earn from everyone that joins your team down to11 levels.
This is a truly revolutionary and groundbreaking system.

My Link to join


You will need to Open in Google Chrome!


You can Request help to Set Up!!

Great deal of Support from Master Distributors and a lot of opportunity for leaders to come in at this time and build a significant Team. Referral goes down 11 levels starting at 7% first level.

James Towery 


Phone: 254 595 1348